Algorithms and Quarks

Algorithms and Quarks

algorithmsEverything we see is living energy. Algorithms give us light for experiencing life in our own level of consciousness. They’re unique to us.

The atmosphere is alive with Conscious Energy as the fabric of our world. There is no place we see that isn’t living energy. When people look at buses, trees, people, and furniture they are living through trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles. Existing in a different light for the temperature to give measure for what is being witnessed.

We see in levels of photons which live beyond the level we measure for seeing. The light is existing in quantum holographic levels giving leptons and quarks different energy at levels were only beginning to comprehend exist. All energy exists in algorithms. Energy is making a level in algorithms for the observer’s level to live. Heaven is living at different levels for self-organizing energy to live within the light of the observer.  Ultimate hyper light is God’s light the final algorithm. Matters level is the outcome of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy producing images in our Soul for living through.

Every atom is living through holographic light with human beings assigning the atoms purpose and the particle’s existence.

If we have five people in a room everyone could have a different opinion of a painting. What they each see is unique to their present level of consciousness. Atoms are not giving everyone something to see different for each observer. The atom is changing for each observer based upon the light they live out of. There isn’t any level of particles existing outside of consciousness. Whether in a human being or God.

God is the light giving every atom its measure for living in human consciousness. The purpose of every particle is only living in the light of human consciousness. The atom’s nucleus is living in the light of God and the particle is living in human consciousness. The fundamental forces that create matter to exist are in subatomic particles out of human consciousness and through God for the outcome of matter. Energy is creating the temperature that all matter exists out of in human photosynthesis.

The dark matter in life is quantum levels of what is existing in everything. The messenger lives in consciousness at the observers light.  The universe only lives in consciousness. The content is only in the observer’s level of consciousness. The fundamental force of nature is consciousness. Consciousness has not been understood by science for realizing the light in life is in our mind. Energy is beyond the level human beings are knowing. The aptitude for understanding energy is to realize trillions and trillions and trillions do not serve the knowing of their level of existence.

Algorithms make up our world. There isn’t anything existing except for vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Algorithms have property outside of human consciousness and into Heaven’s level. They are living through photosynthesis in levels beyond our eyes.


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