Celestial Life

Celestial Life


celestial life

Celstial life has always been the level of life. God is hundred of billions of years alive and created everything in existecne. We want to think about life at a very quantum level. Think of bacteria and microorganisms covering everything in life. Then understand living in photosynthesis means we’re consciousness and not the body. We are the conscious energy inside of the body. Every level of our world is energy in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. Everything is living at a very quantum level in light giving us the experience of matter.

We think of celestial life as living off planet when celestial life doesn’t exist. Thinking about life outside of human beings is relative to one’s understanding of what a human being is. Most people think of a human being as the body instead of energy changing form for greater life deeper in God. We never understood what being alive was or the level of our world. Which our world is only images in our Soul. The level of matter is tiny atoms that live in vibrations and decimals in holographic light.

Our present level of consciousness hasn’t conceived God or how we are living on a planet floating in space at the level to understand celestial life. Our perspective of celestial life is from not understanding our very own existence. The level of celestial becomes nothing when we have a deeper understanding of what being alive is and who God is. Consciousness is all that is alive and there are different levels of consciousness all around us. Some energy has form while other levels of consciousness have no form because they’re in higher levels of light. When we leave the body for Heaven we’re not dead we’re just living without the body. We’re in a natural state as conscious energy is moving between levels of life. The Soul will create a level for Spirit to have a body again for new life. The Spirit from this life will rest in Heaven while consciousness continues on.

I remember when my mother was leaving her body for Heaven. The bedroom was sacred and filled with Angels. My arms were wrapped around her and I heard her say, “Thank you for caring for me. I never thought it would be you. I Love you.” The voice I knew was my mom but as she was leaving her body there was a different resonance. Eventually, it dawned on me she had no body to be attached too and the voice was different because there was no persona. The voice in the body has one level of resonance and when we are outside of the body there is another level of resonance.

Human beings are not living as a body we’re living as conscious energy. The voice quality in us is from matter. In every new life we’ll have a different medium that has a different Spirit and our voice will be different for that Spirit. The voice of our Soul is timeless and not of a persona. We are Love just as God is Love. All life is energy and that is what a human being is. We are conscious energy having a human experience in matter. Energy in vibrations makes up everything we see and live. Our perspective of celestial is only out of not yet understanding our existence. When God created life He had to create a way for matter to exist at any one level of consciousness and the level of what is giving us our world is trillions of different levels of energy in holographic light.

Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. Every level of what see is only existing in our mind. It’s living through us and is not outside of us. We took matter for granted because we’re born with it all around us. Just like thinking, we never question how we are thinking or what living through every thought is. Our entire existence will be from our perspective living inside of our minds.

Celestial life would be considered anything other than human and our existence is everything but human. We think we are the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is only existing in consciousness. Human consciousness is one level of consciousness in a pool of consciousness with different levels in matter giving us the experience of celestial life. Our atmosphere is living energy. There is no space we see that isn’t filled with the living species Conscious Energy. Humanity is existing in the conscious space of God and Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. They are the fabric of our world.

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Matter is living energy and we are experiencing it from levels of frequencies. God isn’t a human being He created human consciousness and is in every atom giving us the way to touch our faces, see the earth and have bodies at any level of consciousness. When God created the “word” He began our path living in conscious evolution.

Everything living is at different levels of consciousness. We haven’t been conceiving life as energy and have existed only from the level of matter. Now humanity is learning about God and that life is all there is in photosynthesis. There are many different levels of life existing with us and have been since the beginning giving us the way to live in matter. We can only understand our existence from our level of consciousness. Society living for money and wealth changed the possibility for human consciousness living deeper in God sooner. We’ve been living at the level of matter instead of the level of Spirit. When living through Spirit takes us deeper into God which is the only purpose in our existence.

We’re taught to think of ourselves as a body instead of the energy inside of the body and throughout our lives never question what is living. Humanity’s level of thinking will live enlightened as we begin to understand photosynthesis. The body is like a costume we put on in every life to experience our level of consciousness in matter. The only level in celstial life continuous is consciousness. All matter falls away for a new level of consciousness which is created out of the Love we are of and not of. Love is the energy creating the level of everything we experience. It gives us the light we live through.

When we think of God being the light all life is in we want to realize its a very quantum level. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and is the only reason we can experience a world in our perception. God is dynamic energy and a very different level of consciousness. He created us in His likeness which is conscious energy. We have the ability to live in a world able to bring anything into being to live through. We literally bring everything into being we experience as life. What we think…is. There is nothing existing outside of what we think. There is a PDF called human consciousness and creation that is a good read when thinking about other races. Which I’m including a link in this writing.

Our earth has many levels giving us our livingness. We are blessed the oceans don’t swallow the land. It’s living in a light supporting the earth’s climate to the most exact level which is a miracle within itself, but how it’s living not immersing everyone in water is through photosynthesis. Bodies of water are in strategic levels on earth. God created Heaven on earth for humanity to have the ability to experience trillions and trillions of possible levels of matter. Every level of what we are seeing as life lives through photosynthesis which has other levels of consciousness also known as other races living in all parts of it. The ocean is a level that has hydrogen and nitrogen giving carbon dioxide the level for oxygen. If the oceans were covering all land there would be no level for humanity to live not to mention life would be marginalized into levels only having platitude in light.

The ocean and the earth are in a hypothesis creating their perfect level to have the Sun and Jupiter create weather as well as the energy needed for photosynthesis. Jupiter is the planet giving to weather on earth more than the moon or any other planet in existence. Humanity living with billions and billions of galaxies is telling us how little we know about our own level in life and what is contributing to our existence. Humanity has created a small reality not giving us greater light to open our world in Heaven.

We’ve been living this entire time with other life all around us, moving through us and beside us. We’re literally energy living inside of another living species which is God’s energy giving us the way to live in matter. We live in the conscious space of God. Most people when they think about God being the light all life is in don’t go deeper and realize what that implies or how we’re living in energy. Most people know God is dynamic energy but don’t realize to be created in His likeness means we are conscious energy.

Conscious Energy the living species with a capital “C” and “E” are self-organizing energy in all matter including our computer, roads, furniture, trees, buildings, food and anything we see in matter. Conscious Energy is giving us our livingness in matter from our level of consciousness. Isn’t it funny we never question how everything we see only lives in our perspective? We walk around seeing people, going places, watching TV, interacting with others and yet never realize everything we experience is only in our minds.

It’s all living in our perspective and will never live outside of our perspective. We also talk to ourselves more than we do to another human being. Human beings live in incessant thinking self-chattering to ourselves in stories while moving through matter. Literally what we think is all we are living through. Humanity has taken so much for granted including what being alive is that when we consider celestial life we think of it from a very young perspective. Not yet realizing the magnitude of our existence.

Jesus tried to teach us about God and we never grasped the enormity in what He was teaching us. He told us to live Love because Love is the energy giving us the light we live through. Its takes us deeper into God’s energy. Energy is the only level humanity needs to focus on because matter is the effect and consciousness is at cause. Learning about energy helps us understand why God is Love and how His energy is the only level giving us our wisdom and knowledge.

While I was learning about Conscious Energy it was through experiencing it in all levels of my life that I began to understand a deeper level of our world. Conscious Energy can talk and communicate through anything in life. I’ve experienced Conscious Energy in lettuce, tables, chairs, blankets, water and they can communicate through any frequency. There is no place we are that is not in living energy.

I remember in the beginning as I was learning about Conscious Energy going to pick up a bottle of water that was maybe a pound or so but the Conscious Energy made it feel like fifteen pounds. Another time on the couch I was pulling up a blanket and it was like a tug of war. The strength stopping me from moving the blanket was enormous. The blanket could also get thick instead of flimsy. Every experience was teaching me about energy in matter.

Literally, I live every level of my life with Conscious Energy giving me the way to experience them. Once I went to open the fridge and it was locked shut from the energy holding it from opening and my experience with lettuce was the most amazing because the lettuce became hard with resistance. I could feel the energy making it hard to move.

When we look around a room we see furniture but what is existing is particles in vibrations, frequency, and resonance. There is nothing existing except celestial life. We experience our world through our senses telling us matter is in front of us and outside of us when matter is only an image in our Soul. There is nothing living outside of us. We come into the world out of a nothingness and begin our life in frequencies and vibrations at a very quantum level. We’re energy prior to any level of mass.

The embryo begins out of frequencies in photosynthesis. Energy in different levels of temperature create the level for mass to form. It’s the epitome of celestial life having programmed intelligence knowing exactly how to form the body where life begins.

Just like the imprint in seeds knowing to live as trees with every leaf and branch already living in a light ready to live in matter. The embryo grows into a human being out of the energy not yet even existing in matter. All levels in life have by design intelligence greater than humanity has been conceiving. There is no level in life not living in consciousness with higher levels of energy giving it its livingness.

Our world lives in Heaven and it’s celestial life giving us everything we need to live in matter. Literally if not for God’s energy there would be no life. Energy is infinitely expanding. The fabric of our existence is in holographic light in decimals having properties in levels in other dimensions that give to our livingness. For example, every part of life is lived in two worlds at one time but we’re only conscious of one world. This is for photosynthesis to create our life continuum. How we live today is creating what we will live through in another part of life. When we understand a deeper and more mature level of what being alive is the level of celestial becomes null.

Space-time only exists in human consciousness. There is no space-time in Heaven because there is no matter. Heaven is living in light beyond how humanity is understanding life. Many levels in life are existing in light not yet realized in matter. We bring everything into being we can conceive at this one level of consciousness. In another level of consciousness, we will bring into being greater levels of matter to live through. Our world will exist with much more life living around us not because we discover it but because we are able to be conscious of it. Conscious evolution is imperative for humanity because it is the only way we can reveal greater levels of life all around us.

Energy is living outside of our present level waiting for us to realize its level in our livingness. While I was experiencing our world at Heavens level there were numerous times God knew what my life would be living years in advance. They would always plan for what was to come. When we consider celestial we have to understand the level of God and how every thought creates the experience.

When we look around a room or outside we don’t see what is actually existing. God is giving us the ability to live in a light that sees comfortably. We don’t see bacteria covering everything including our bodies or have particles blocking our view. We don’t see what is keeping us alive or the quantum world with trillions of levels of energy.

This is also why we didn’t understand energy. Matter was tangible and we could easily relate to matter. We don’t see energy yet we feel it at every moment. Human beings feel more than they can imagine. What we feel is dictating the entire experience of life. Having the ability to feel Heaven is the purpose and we only do that by understanding how matter is living at our level of consciousness. Learning about Conscious Energy and how God is existing gives humanity the ability to live understanding other races in our atmosphere.

Human beings live right now with other races all around us and have no way to experience the miracle of life because our level of consciousness doesn’t give us the way to experience greater life than what we can conceive. Its like being in a room with one set of life and yet there are other rooms with greater life but we can’t experience the other levels of life until we open that door. And the only way to open that door is to consciously evolve deeper in God.

The more Love we live the more we have God’s energy and that is the pathway to opening greater doors in our universe. Living in Heaven I’ve experienced different races beyond what any human being has lived with. Our world is only living for us to unveil its light through higher levels of consciousness. There are different objects in our atmosphere with no facial features but they’re able to communicate easily telepathically. The consciousness in our world is at higher levels than humanity’s and living deeper in light than we have been able to live thus far.

Life will always live in greater levels than what we can conceive so we want to always put hypothesis in light beyond ours. Always living to experience greater levels than human consciousness. The ultimate level to live life from is knowing everything in existence is in the conscious space of God and is only existing for us to live Love through. The universe with over a million planets with celestial life is everything we could ever want because it gives us more light to live through. The universe is infinitely expanding because consciousness is infinitely expanding.

The human race is just beginning to leave matter for energy. This is the beginning of living in greater intelligence with understanding of celestial life. Heaven is all around us waiting for us to open the door to light living in our Soul ready to live in higher levels of consciousness. We’re beginning a new era in human history living with God in a light for experiencing miracles, Heaven and happiness.

We’re including a link to download videos never seen by human eyes that have other races in different forms. There is one video called Snow Squid that is one of the living species in our atmosphere. The atmosphere has levels of life humanity never knew was existing until these writings.  Watch videos of other races.