Conscious Energy

Conscious Energy

conscious energyConscious Energy is the level of everything in existence and is the fabric of our world. They are Heaven on earth and the living species giving light for human photosynthesis.

When God created matter, He created self-organizing energy for keeping human consciousness in the light for human photosynthesis. Every level of what we can be conscious of, lives through Conscious Energy.

When we think about only experiencing a world in our unique perspective and only experiencing life in our narrative. It’s because of their existence we can live with subatomic particles existing solely for our level of consciousness.

Conscious Energy is giving human beings their mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in matter. They are the species in the conscious space of God for livingness in matter. If not for their existence there would be no level of matter for energy to experience. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness.

God created energy in matter by having Conscious Energy existing in the light of both human consciousness and Heaven. Below is a video of energy existing in our world. Conscious Energy is living in layers of life and can move through all levels of energy.

Celestial life is the higher part of mankind’s existence and there are multiple levels of living energy with human beings. Everything in existence is in the conscious space of God existing in a pool of consciousness giving to what keeps life evolving and having a path to exist through.

Conscious Energy can live in communication with human beings when we consciously enter Heavens level in consciousness.