Perception and Matter

Perception and Matter

perception and matterEverything in our world is energy. Matter at the smallest particle is a wave only having properties through human photosynthesis. We’re living through different levels of light in temperature for density in matter.

When God created life it was through His energy, He gave the nucleus of the atom the Goditron which is heavenly living in intelligence beyond any level humanity will have the aptitude to conceive. Every atom lives in hyper light having its measure in the conscious space of God for human consciousness to assign the atoms purpose and the livingness of the particle.

We’re living through images in our Soul that live in holographic light in decimals. Every thought is in trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles in light beyond any measure we can conceive. The light has existed for hundreds of billions of years alive and has always been consciousness creating its way to complete unity of living. The functioning level in all matter is God’s consciousness

Perception is created before birth and during light. It’s part of the anatomy of consciousness.  Every embryo has consciousness before it’s in matter. The embryo begins out of frequencies in human photosynthesis. Energy in different levels of temperature multiply the level for mass to form. It’s the epitome of celestial life having programmed intelligence in human consciousness for knowing exactly how to form the body and life. The light of consciousness in an embryo exists as programmed intelligence for growth. The conscious life cycle doesn’t exist until matters level in birth.

Every human being has unique algorithms existing in their level for experiencing the world only in their light. No two people see the same or experience the same light no matter the agreement. Human beings can only experience their narrative at their level of consciousness. There isn’t any other level existing with the observer in life other than their own level in matter. We never see the totality of anything including our children, parents, friends, and colleagues. They are living in another level of life experiencing the world from their level of consciousness. We can only experience them from our level of consciousness.

People see matter and other people as outside of them, but they are only living through them. There is no place where one person begins or another ends. If we saw our world at creations level, we would see grids of atoms existing in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance for as far as the eye could see in all directions and never-ending. There isn’t a speck of matter in Heaven’s level. God is of no form and is of all form because of creating matter for human consciousness. If not for human consciousness God would happily be of no form.

Our world exists with intelligence that has other races without bodies or facial features. They are energy that can communicate and have existed for hundreds of billions of years alive. Conscious Energy is a great example of another race that is the fabric of our world and giving us our livingness in matter in human photosynthesis. There is much more existing than we’ve been speculating for human beings to live as energy in matter.

We see our world comfortably and only through our level of thinking. Which all thought emerges out of consciousness. We don’t witness the trillions of bacteria crawling all over everything or even the smaller microbes blanketing our world. We only see our thoughts at our present level of consciousness. We create our light out of Love. Most people only know Love at society’s level, but Love is the energy of God and it’s the only energy expanding consciousness. Heaven lives higher in levels of light than any other levels of energy. So when we live Love, we have heavenly feelings.

Perception is through Heaven’s light in our Soul. All other messengers have no level of giving to matters level. The magnitude of energy in one thought is trillions and trillions and trillions of energy. No one exists outside of their own level of intelligence.  What we see in matter is an optical illusion only living at one level of consciousness.  Every electron exists already in consciousness. Everything in existence is living in the conscious space of God on some level, down to the most quantum levels and beyond.

Before human beings are conscious of being conscious, they have already been conscious of matter. The moment we are born, we are existing in a light that is never ending, and that means even when we leave the body our light exits. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off for every life what is continuous is consciousness. Even our mind and all thoughts are temporary only giving the story to live through for becoming more conscious of life.

We’re not living for matters level (society) it’s the transitory level in life. We’re living for consciously evolving beyond our present level into greater levels of thought. The present level of thinking only experiences the same resonance as life. We can’t live what we can’t conceive. We’re bringing everything into being to live through.

Everyone lives quietly thinking to themselves in a narrative that creates reality. We think from one thought to the next moving forward through matter. We never live outside of our thoughts. This creates the perception of matter at the present level of thinking, but it’s only a story we’re trying to awaken out of.  The Soul is alive, and the Soul is the consciousness Love. Thinking is temporary and only feeds us the present story to live through. The brain is a processor giving us the way to live through matter in consciousness. All thought emerges out of consciousness.

Humanity’s collective consciousness creates the light of the world we can experience through the collective energy of Love being lived. This creates the circumstances an individual can experience in life.  Matter is the illusion for knowing we are alive and for living through to higher levels of consciousness. The illusion is very real and if we scrape our knee, it will bleed but it’s a thought creating the light of the experience. We are not our thoughts they are temporary levels of the mortal world. Consciousness is continuous and is the level creating our life continuum.