Science of Consciousness

Science of Consciousness

Science of consciousness

Consciousness is an algorithm out of the God‘s energy. God’s consciousness is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of energy in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance living as the light everything lives out of. Every thought we have create’s the Soul’s journey unraveling its light back to God.

Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. People have never understood what matter was for knowing what consciousness is. We need to understand creation for knowing how consciousness is living in matter. These writing give us the knowing for understanding consciousness.

Consciousness lives outside of the body and is existing in all matter we are conscious of. When people think of losing weight they think about which foods to eat and what cardio they need to do for burning calories. The word is energy and human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. We’ve created what ice cream is to the human body and we created what lettuce is to the human body. Every animal, plant, star, and food only lives at our present level of consciousness. We’ve created the light they live in. If we look at life from creations level the only thing here is resonance. There is no matter existing except for in human consciousness.

We shape our reality the moment we are born and continue to shape it as we grow older. We never live outside of what they teach. Consciousness begins before we have any matter in our living. As we age our thinking enters stages for giving us the way to move in matter at society’s level.

Everything around us lives in Conscious Energy through human photosynthesis. Human photosynthesis is trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles in holographic light in decimals. The reason everyone tries to skip over understanding what seems relatively simple is we only believe what is already existing in theory. People need to realize with all of the colleges, professors, geniuses and scholars no one in the history of the human race has ever known matter is only energy in human photosynthesis. The time has never been perfect for understanding creation but now we are ready more than we ever have been.

Learning the science of consciousness is learning first that matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. 2. We are imprinting upon energy matters level from our individual level of consciousness. 3. Every atom lives in measure in hyper light waiting for human consciousness to assign the atoms purpose and the livingness of the particle. 4. Light is living out of God’s consciousness He created human consciousness. The world created the world. 5. consciousness creates the light for thinking at matters level from energy living in matters level. 6. Every thought is all that is alive. We only live this life in self chatter moving through matter in our narrative. We only experience life in our minds from our perspective. Ultimately there is only one of us here with God.

To understand any level of our universe it is imperative we understand the science of consciousness how every particle is only living in individual consciousness. Knowing what matter is gives us a way for understanding dark matter and light.