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Terms and Conditions

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Intellectual Property Rights

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4. You comply with these terms and conditions.

If, for any reason, we believe you have not complied with these requirements, we may, at our discretion, cancel your access to the registration areas of immediately and without notice.

Termination of Registration

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Have a complaint?
Consciousness and Creation strive to maintain the highest editorial standards at all times. The subject matter is living beyond humanity’s present knowing. Should you feel it necessary to complain about an article, the means for doing so are contained below.

consciousness and Creation strives for fairness and accuracy at all times, and we encourage users to have grace and deeper understanding of subjects outside of science today.

Community standards and participation guidelines

We want consciousness and Creation to be a place for intelligent discussion. We want the discussion of an article to be, if anything, more illuminating than the original article and we need your help to do that. Follow these guidelines to help keep things on track.

In brief
Be respectful of others and not create attack or defend.
Keep your posts on topic and constructive
Take responsibility for the quality of the conversations you take part in
Above all, respect others and their opinions.

Be you
We require real names: they help us maintain a transparent forum. We reserve the right to delete comments made under aliases.

Be considerate
We’re here to talk about life, and into higher levels of consciousness.

We’ll delete: personal attacks directed at anyone; all forms of discrimination (or posts that could be interpreted as such); posts we believe exist only to provoke or mislead; posts identifying or sharing the personal information of another person (including children) without their consent; and comments that are commercial or repeatedly shared external links.

Be respectful and have grace
Treat people with the respect you’d like to receive. You’ll come across opinions you disagree with. That doesn’t make them invalid.

Be on-topic
Keep comments relevant to the article and replies relevant to the initiating post. We reserve the right to delete off-topic comments to keep threads on track.

For example: in an article about the policy response to climate change, comments about the science of climate change will be considered off-topic.

Be constructive
Explain why you disagree or agree with something. Your reasoning is as important as your opinion.

“This article sucks”
will be deleted.

“I disagree with this article. Here’s why…”
won’t be.

“You’re a jerk”
will be deleted.

“Have you considered…”
won’t be.

Aim to add a new idea to each approach rather than repeating what’s already been said. Move on if things get stuck. We’ll distinguish between constructive comments and ones that lead away from constructive. We’ll remove any deliberate attempts to misinform, distort facts or misrepresent the opinions of others.

Be Proactive
Take responsibility for the quality of the conversations you participate in; only reply to things you consider opening within your light.

What we’ll do
We reserve the right to remove comments that breach these standards and lock accounts of commenters who breach them repeatedly.  Replies to comments that have been deleted may themselves be deleted, either to remove the thread or because they don’t make sense out of context. Comments may be closed if these standards aren’t met.

In general, we will primarily rely on visitors to post-moderate community interaction to keep the conversation lively. However,  we can’t guarantee all comments live on the site are appropriate or in the spirit of our community standards.

Please let us know if you have any issues.
Participants who seriously, persistently or willfully ignore community standards, participation guidelines or terms and conditions will lose their posting privileges. This is not an action that we take lightly or arbitrarily. However, we are aiming to create and maintain an online experience consistent with the high value we place on learning new and incredible levels of life.

Please know that moderators may contact you by email in relation to your participation, especially where an issue comes up in relation to these community standards. Any advice they give/request they make should be adhered to, as our moderators are asked to enforce these community standards and create a constructive environment for everyone who contributes to our site.

We will, when necessary, remove user postings or comments. If a contribution is perceived as breaching the community guidelines set out above, then it will be removed by the editorial team, in the interests of keeping community areas of the site appropriate for the vast majority of the people who visit. (Note: We will not edit user posts to change the meaning, spelling, or anything else intended by the user. Even if only part of a comment or posting is perceived as breaching community guidelines, the whole thing may be removed. Also, when a comment or post is removed for any of the reasons above, it is sometimes necessary to delete subsequent messages that refer to explicitly or quote from the original (removed) comment to preserve the conversational thread. This may also happen because a later comment quotes directly the problematic bits of the original comment, which just perpetuates the problem. In such cases, not every deletion will be marked individually.)

We reserve the right to take steps or implement measures that we hope will benefit the whole community of participants. All actions and decisions taken are final. Unfortunately, the quantity of user content means we can’t enter into correspondence regarding specific moderation activity, although all correspondence will be read.