The Apex of Life

The Apex of Life


The Apex of LifeWhen I began living in Heaven it was in a light that would be the same for anyone else. I didn’t have any way to conceive it being possible. No one is prepared for experiencing what seems impossible until it happens. When life changes it changes from beyond the world we see. There is a greater intelligence working in life beyond our reality.

Living in Heaven while here on earth has been a process over ten years with six of those years living deeply with God. God has been teaching me to live Christ consciousness beyond society’s level and giving me knowledge of creation and human consciousness. 

God moves in ways we can’t explain. He doesn’t always use the best, most qualified or the people most expected. Even Moses was insecure about His going to Egypt because He was slow in speech. God gave Him the way.  Rather than using the most qualified God’s pattern is to use the unqualified, unexpecting, insecure, depressed, flawed, the doubter and the underdog.

Just like anyone else, as Heaven came into my life I had to find a way to understand.  My assurance came through carving my Soul deeper into God through Christ consciousness. Even though at the time I was more atheist and didn’t have a spiritual practice or religious one. God gave me every opportunity to live deeper in Him. Heaven never stopped opening my world for Christ consciousness.

All of this began ten years ago when I discovered people monitoring me who subsequently began destroying my life because they had been caught. I chose Love and never defended myself or attacked back.  They destroyed my life over four years taking me from Beverly Hills to below poverty.  Which ended up being the catalyst for God coming into my life.

God led me through the devil to Heaven. He opened my eyes to see with and He opened my ears to hear with.  The past six years have been a deep process living Christ consciousness. God has taught me the veil we’ve created by living at matters level instead of living in Him.

Human consciousness has never understood what being alive is, what matter is or the level of our world but now we are being given the light for knowing.


Love is the energy that expands consciousness and is the light we live through. It is the energy of God. Human beings are Love creating their path for remembering their light in God.

Every human being is at a level of Love becoming greater Love. Human beings live as energy in human photosynthesis for experiencing matter at any one level of consciousness.  Love is the light in human photosynthesis creating the light of the world we experience as life.

Living in Heaven

The ancient wisdom of Heaven is all there is with human consciousness separating itself from the ancient knowing of all.

Our world is living in Heaven.  We create our version of reality inside of Heaven. Everything we see as matter is tiny little atoms of waves with our consciousness imprinting upon the energy the images we see. Consciousness is all that is alive.

We create our life story through every thought. Human beings live in self-chatter talking to themselves and only living through their narrative as life. We only experience life through our perspective. We never live outside of what we think.

God created life for us to experience only our level of consciousness so we could observe it and evolve through it. This created the path for a life continuum. Giving us living in matter at any one level of consciousness evolving deeper into God.  As life becomes conscious of Love we live in greater energy of God.  This creates a life continuum creating in matter what becomes more heavenly.

Every thought is what we live through. The incessant thinking keeps us living in a story through matter. Gradually becoming more conscious of Love and Ultimate Reality.

We’re on a journey carrying the light of God slowly awakening to more of Him than us. We live going from consciousness of self to light. Life is only a teacher giving us the way to become conscious of Love. Ultimately there is only one of us here with God.

Matter is giving us the way to observe our consciousness for becoming conscious of Love. As we learn about creation and how matter is existing it will help us understand what being alive is and how God created mankind.

Society’s has been living from a thought system in matter instead of light.  Our version of life has been shaped by a very dogmatic level in thinking that only related to matter as life. We made our senses and what was tangible life. Never understanding what we didn’t see was more alive than what we did see. We never lived deep enough in God for wisdom and knowledge of our existence.

We thought life was a three-dimensional world and continued expanding everything in matter to live through that hypothesis. We brought the three-dimensional world into being.  This is important to note because our three-dimensional theory has shaped religion, science and every facet of life we know as reality. Yet, it is nowhere near the Ultimate Truth and mankind’s existence.

If we would have been living deeper in God through Spirit instead of living in false idols and making money a second God. We would have shaped our existence in a much higher light.

Born into Matter

Everyone is born into matter and takes matter for granted.  We’re not learning matter is energy only existing at our level of consciousness. We come into the world and immediately start having our consciousness conditioned for only living at society’s level. Not knowing society’s isn’t living deep enough to know life’s meaning.

Contrary to the society we’re not living to become famous or wealthy we are living a divine existence in Heaven and trying to become conscious of the bigger world we are in.

We’ve been learning to live at matters level believing that is life, as opposed knowing society is the illusion for us to only live Love through to higher levels of consciousness.

We want to understand the world is extremely quantum and only living as tiny little atoms in human photosynthesis. Matters level and society’s level is only one level of consciousness. There is more life beyond this one level of thinking. The mortal world only exists in our minds from our perspective. We want to live changing our perspective to higher levels of Love for experiencing a world in a different light.

Reality is relative to how we think because our perspective is the only level discerning how matter occurs to us. When we change the energy thoughts emerge out of we change the light in consciousness for living matter at different perspectives. The three-dimensional world we’ve been expanding life out of is about to change and when that perspective changes every idea will live out of knowing life is consciousness. Our entire reality will change.

We bring everything into being at the level we live it through. Life has been making a tiny speck be what life is existing as. This happened because we only identified life through what was tangible.

As humanity understands human photosynthesis the level of the three-dimensional world will fade for understanding atoms in holographic light in decimals. Every level of science will change as we understand human photosynthesis.

A good way to understand life changing is we’ll understand gravity was a by-product of the three-dimensional world and doesn’t exist. Gravity and general relativity never existed outside of this one level of human consciousness. The universe isn’t assigning any atom its purpose or any livingness to any particle. The world would be ripped apart if that was the case. Only human consciousness is assigning the purpose of the atom and the livingness of the particle.

There is no space-time in Heaven. There is only human consciousness creating its presence to live through.

General relativity was very close to having the understanding of life in quantum levels but was not able to understand living in one perspective carrying the world within that perspective.

Today there is scientist already beginning to understand life is not in matter and is an illusion through consciousness. They will soon understand God as they understand human consciousness is creating matters level.

The theory of everything is consciousness in human photosynthesis. This theory will create more in life than any other level for eternity because it’s the catalyst that pays homage to God. Understanding how an atom is living opens the universe for understanding how every technological advance can be insuated in higher levels of consciousness than previously lived.

Human beings must live for higher levels of energy in order to have the light to process higher intelligence. This is why living in God is imperative. It’s only through His energy do we acquire the higher light in consciousness.

The Word Created the World

When God created the “Word” it created the world and every thought after has been shaping human consciousness.  It’s a language, a cycle, and algorithm in energy that brings into matter our level of consciousness.

The human race lives in human photosynthesis which is a pool of consciousness living hundreds of billions of years alive. The light we are living through today is out of one level of consciousness.  Which each light creates its entirety for living in matter.

Consciousness lives obscurely. The world creates itself in algorithms living through present levels of consciousness.  We live out of energy organizing itself for different levels. This light comes out of photosynthesis which is created by the pool of consciousness in humanity.

When God created the Heavens and the earth it was for this version of consciousness. The human story for this level has Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Buddism, Christianity along with Adam and Eve and Abraham for creating the light we live through.

Tens of millions of years ago there was a different human story for another part of consciousness to experience matter.  A hundred thousand years from now there will be another level of consciousness in a different light having another human experience. The light of Heaven is continuous in every life, in every level of consciousness while the human story changes for new levels of consciousness.

Our collective consciousness is creating the next level of life we experience and the light the world will be in. The next part of the human story will be completely different than how it is today. We’re now leaving matter for light and will for eternity live going deeper into God as reality.

Understanding Realms

Realms are higher levels of consciousness having light through greater dimensions. Humanity lives in consciousness which gives us the opportunity for experiencing other realms within this level of consciousness.

Right now we are living in two worlds at one time in order for photosynthesis to create our life continuum.  We are creating the next part of life from the places we live today that are of Love and not Love.  Love is the light in human photosynthesis that gives us the light in consciousness to live through. It’s the filter.

Human beings live only conscious of one world. As we leave our bodies after this part of life we have a small window of opportunity for knowing two worlds at once as we live in Spirit going into Heaven.

We have been living in a small reality not understanding our world in energy and that consciousness was the only level living.

When God created consciousness He created infinite levels that could be realized from any one level of consciousness. How we think is the only source for what we experience. As people learn to Love greater than any level in society they will understand how light lives in our world.

There are many levels in consciousness for experiencing higher realms.  Other life is living all around us but we can’t see it or hear because our consciousness is not at their level to recognize its existence.

One level of consciousness can only experience that level of life. Even though there are other levels existing all around us. We want to increase light in God for experiencing higher levels of life in Him.

The Earth

The earth carnates through human consciousness. Our present level of consciousness gives every level of life its light. Including our past and future. We live creating the light for the earth and universe, all vegetation, animals, systems, including all physical form. We bring everything into being at our level of consciousness.

There are endless veils to live through that shed themselves for seeing a greater level of our world in God. The human story changes dramatically when consciousness moves into higher light.  Everything transforms including the earth. What once was is no longer and human consciousness creates again what is and what was.

We complete reality at every level of consciousness. Meaning we create the entirety of life in each level of consciousness.

Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness.

The earth is a living organism connected to the universe in levels of regulation for creating elements for sustaining life. The universe is operating in photosynthesis as is the earth.

Every living organism in our consciousness is only existing for our level of consciousness. Energy is always changing form. Our universe never exists in the same light twice. How we see the world today will fade when we leave our bodies. Every level of life only lives at this level of consciousness.

If we can give to photosynthesis the nurturing, replenishing and higher light for the earth, it sustains its level in other levels of life. If we don’t care about the earth and create issues for its regulatory system then in other lives we experience the level we create. We are either supporting the earth in consciousness for creating greater darkness of for experiencing the earth in greater light.

Life is A Pool of Consciousness

Everything in existence is energy. Consciousness creates matters existence. There is no level in life not in our level of consciousness. This includes every race in existence, blade of grass and snowflake.

Every level of consciousness carries wisdom and knowledge. Every level of life is energy at some level of consciousness. We want to match our level of consciousness to higher energy for experiencing that level of light in matter.

God is hundreds of billions of years alive which tells us what we can experience as life is much more enormous than we have been living.  We simply cannot see the other levels existing outside of our consciousness. This is why we want to increase light for having eyes to see with. We want to be open to the universe living through higher levels of energy in God.

Our world is trillions and trillions and trillions of different levels of energy. Conscious evolution is the way of the world because only through living enlightened do we open higher levels of God.

Consciousness is always renewing itself for expanding life.

Human Consciousness

God created human consciousness for living in matter at any one level of consciousness.  Matter is the gift God gave to humanity.

Human beings are energy and in order for us to know we are living we needed matter for consciousness to live through.

Human consciousness is trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy in holographic light in decimals living in the seven pillars of God. Energy is living at different temperatures for creating the density in matter.

God created our consciousness and the “Word”  gave us the world.  Consciousness is living in algorithms that are determining our levels in matter through energy.

As we live deeper in God our light evolves for higher levels in human consciousness. Life is renewing itself through all parts of consciousness.  The “Word” is the only level we are living through. Every word is creating reality. Our thoughts are all we live through.

God is giving us the way to hear our thoughts. We live through His energy in order to experience matter. The human race is conscious energy creating the imprint for matter from one level of consciousness.  Matter doesn’t discern our existence. Only consciousness is discerning matters level.

The light we live through is from the level of Love we are of.  Love is the light in consciousness that gives us greater levels of God’s energy.   The deeper in God we live the more light we have in consciousness.

Human beings feel more than they are actually aware of. What we feel is creating how we experience life. It’s our energy that gives us the level of thought. A thought occurs after another level of communication has already happened within our consciousness. That’s because life is in energy and energy is always communicating within itself.

We Communicate Before We Are Conscious of It

Human beings are already communicating in light before they are cognitive in speaking. Energy is in levels of everything we are conscious of, living in light with properties beyond our level of consciousness.

All form is only one level of consciousness. The world is energy in a constant level of communication.

It’s another language we live through which is energy in algorithms living in every living organism we are conscious of. How we hear a word is in trillions and trillions of energy in temperature in an extreme quantum level of waves. How we see a bug or a person is through trillions and trillions of energy in algorithms.

When we came into the world. The embryo was receiving consciousness through God in holographic light which has the energy of the Soul as well.  The Soul is living in Heaven in another level of life. We are living beyond this one version of life.  Our light is living in trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy in higher levels of God. We are conscious of the level we are at.

As the embryo lives it begins baffling into higher resonance and vibrations for greater exterior light. It is only in tiny little atoms the mind is able to receive the algorithm of waves for understanding its own light. The seed in life always carries the imprint of form.  Every human being was already existing as a level of energy before we manifested in matter.

Self Doesn’t Exist

Self is the transitory level of the mortal world only existing for this one experience in matter. It provides a story for living through to Love and it gives us the way to know we’re existing. There is no self. The level of self is only a temporary level for the experience in matter.

We are consciousness and consciousness is Love. Our existence is beyond all matter. There is no level of self in light. Only at matters level do we create the false self for experiencing the human story in. Our living in matter is only for becoming conscious of Love and as we do we leave self for light.

The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off after every experience. We will have a different body for every new life and in every new life, we will call that body self.  Who is self if we have a thousand different bodies all being called self? The light beyond the body is who we are. We are Love just like God. And we are the path returning to Love.

The Soul

The Soul is Love and is the light giving Spirit the way to live in matter. The Soul was created through different algorithms in God for existing as a reflection of His light in human consciousness.

Human consciousness is a level with trillions and trillions and trillions of different energy in temperatures. The Soul comes out of a level needing to evolve into higher light. As we become Love we change the light in our Soul and in human consciousness. We each play a role for human consciousness to exist and to evolve.

The Soul’s journey is carving itself into higher light in God. We live in algorithms creating different levels in human consciousness to live through accumulating Love.  There is a divine intelligence beyond the light giving to every manifestation. The Soul can rest and then manifest in matter at  different times in human consciousness for evolution.

We tend to think of the Soul from matters level only existing in this body. Instead of it being the light that gives Spirit the way to live in multiple bodies experiencing consciousness at any one level in matter.  The Soul is Love and lives eternally creating itself in matter through Spirit for becoming higher light.

The Soul is higher intelligence.

God tried to tell us not to live for wealth or material because it would shackle human consciousness to earthly levels. Making the Souls journey a darker one because at matters level we live through ego or the little person. That thought system doesn’t understand Love in the light of Christ. It lives self-centered only experiencing life from society’s level instead of in the light of God.

This makes life harder to become conscious of Love which we need for greater intelligence to understand God and our journey.

Earthly levels only carry lower energy to live through. These levels are in Hiphen which keeps ego, materialism, satan or lower mind as life instead of living through our divine light within.

The Soul needs Love and higher light for creating our life continuum in Heaven instead of darkness.  Human consciousness has the divine ability in higher levels of life. Having the ability to think through God is greater than thinking through paper or material.  One goes up and one stays down.

Always remember consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect. Our purpose is to become conscious of Love so that we can live through higher light in God instead of staying in lower energy.

The Soul Can Never Be Harmed by Another

We can only harm our own Soul. In life, there is only one of us here with God becoming Love. No one can ever harm another person Soul. What we do to another is the prophecy of our own Soul.

How we treat another human being is how we shape our Soul’s journey in life. We create our Soul’s life continuum through the levels of Love we are of and not of.

Human consciousness wants to stay deep in God to have the light for creating the Soul’s journey through Heaven. Life was created for consciously evolving and our life continuum lives out of every level of darkness into light.  We are living through everything other than Love to Love.

Only in light do we remove the veils for Ultimate Reality. If we stay at matters level we create a thicker veil of darkness to live through. When Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” He meant it. Everything we do to another person is to our Soul.

Matter is the illusion providing the door to Love.

The Devil

Our world is in Heaven and there is no devil in God.  Human beings are creating the devil in human consciousness and living through it.  It’s a level of energy that only lives in our light for our experience of matter. And it creates our Soul’s journey in our life continuum.

We live through God’s energy in order to live in matter. When God gave humanity free will He gave us the ability to live through anything we could think without reigning over us. What we create in consciousness is our doing with God trying to have us live deeper in Him so that we don’t create so much darkness.

When we lived for matters level and made false idols and money a second God we created human consciousness to live earthly in lower energy. Instead of living higher in God.

Lucifer is like a parable giving us a way to always understand how easy it is to fall into the devil’s energy by not living Love like Christ.

Through false idols and living in materialism we create a thought system in the darkness that only renews itself instead of living in light. This darkens the Soul because we never live Love like Christ. We stay self-centered in lower mind living through ego and materialism. We become the people chasing the empty bowl because we live emptying the Soul.

When we live in lower energy we have no way to understand the bigger divine world we’re in. Consciously we create a tiny box at matters level to live in. Having no eyes to see beyond that box. We create a dark veil we don’t even know is existing.

This is axiomatic of the high priest being the highest level of religion at the time that crucified Jesus.  The high priest were praying to God and teaching people about God while never having any level in God to even know Him. Every level of what they were living was for pleasing society and not for living deeper in God. They had no eyes to see the Messiah right in front of them.

The lower mind stays earthly in denser energy that doesn’t give us the way to process higher light for intelligence. This creates the devil to live in our minds and manifests in matter.  It is out of ignorance energy that lives.  When we don’t process higher energy, it will collapse on itself creating broken levels which live as pain because there is darkness.

Darkness changes our perspective of life into a hostile world instead of a life in harmony. It creates competition and opponents. It keeps us living in materialism instead of freeing our Soul. Darkness creates human suffering. It creates desiring more and more never knowing the light of contentment and solitude.

There is a level human beings created accumulating in excess that shaped human consciousness to never truly knowing peace. We chase emptying our bowl for having in excess. The mind doesn’t learn to live in any other light other than identifying self as matter. This is the crux of living for money that gave humanity lower energy creating lower mind.

Suffering is the absence of Love. Only Love rids the dark. Love is the most powerful light in life because it’s God’s energy in ours. Our version of life is for us to live through for experiencing Heaven while here on earth.

The Macrocosm

Matter is the effect of the harmonic echo in human photosynthesis.

There are many different levels of consciousness creating the pool of consciousness in God. Every level we can experience from now to eternity is already existing in God. We’re renewing the light by creating our path to its existence.

Life is extraordinaire and vast with greater levels of life living all around us waiting for us to realize their existence. We’ve been creating human consciousness to live with self-identity in matter. Placing meaning and attachment in the illusion.  Which created a small reality that diverted us from understanding our divinity and building out of the divine light within.

There is no level in matter existing except what is living at our level of consciousness.  We are Love. Matter is the microcosm because it’s transitory and never living past one level of consciousness.

What is continuous and the macrocosm is consciousness. Matter is the quick trip for experiencing one level of consciousness as we move along to greater levels of life.  We made the illusion our reality instead of holding the principality in God.

The macrocosm in life is always what is creating it and that is light. The microcosm in life is always the effect and that is matter.

We Are Tiny Little Atoms

There are seven pillars to life.  God created consciousness in self-organizing energy always expanding His light in life. The light we live through was created hundreds of billions of years ago. It developed into the level we experience today through vibrations, frequencies, and resonance in God.

It came into being through God’s consciousness creating a world in energy able to live in matter at any one level of consciousness.

When God created human consciousness to hold the light for matter He created the “Word” for living through.  We are expanding as energy for creating and experiencing matter at different levels of consciousness as we carve our Soul into higher light. Our entire life experience is lived in the conscious space of God.

We have always been an idea in the mind of God. Self-organizing energy enables human life to live at any one level of consciousness in matter. We are an extremely quantum species living as tiny little atoms.

We experience a macro level of life for being conscious of life. If consciousness wasn’t in matter human beings would not know they were living. Human consciousness needs matter for observing our consciousness and carving our Soul into higher light.  Conscious Energy and God live as higher light.

Consciousness is all that is alive. When we look around a room there is no furniture, walls, floor, people or buildings. There are only waves of energy in tiny little atoms.  We are imprinting upon energy for seeing our level of consciousness in matter. Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness.


The seven pillars of Heaven are like seven rays of light having properties of God in every level of their existence. The light is trillions and trillions and trillions of different levels of energy in God living in holographic light in decimals. There are parallel universes in other dimensions which is a normal existence of life.

The seven pillars of light create God’s light in everything in existence. God created Conscious Energy which is the living species giving us our livingness in matter.  Self-organizing energy creates every level of life we experience.

The seven pillars of light give consciousness the ability for infinite and unlimited existence in matter. Everything we can think into being is out of these seven pillars of light and already existing.  They renew life, restore life and keep order.

There is one level which is the most important at this time for humanity which is Hiphen. Hiphen is the little person level in energy that doesn’t live in higher levels of light. Hiphen is like the caterpillar before it becomes the butterfly. It’s lower mind trying to go into higher light.

Hiphen only serves earthly levels of consciousness. When we understand matters level as energy we understand why conscious evolution is imperative. Hiphen doesn’t have the ability for processing higher light outside of itself.

Human consciousness must go beyond the self-centered level in ego for living through the divine light within.  We want to go out of matters level  for living in the divine light.  The Spiritual journey lives outside of Hiphen into higher levels of God.

Everything in life is moving forward. All energy changes form. Human beings age effortlessly without say living from an embryo to a senior and then out of the body again. The sun will come up and the sun will set. Life moves forward for expanding light in consciousness.

Algorithms and the Seven Pillars

The seven pillars of light are Hiphen, Laz, Bak, Nol, Mar, Pias, and Ay. They describe all living things. They are seven pillars of self-organizing energy in the higher levels of God renewing themselves for the eternal expansion of life.

They are not other Gods.  They are pillars of sacred and holy self-organizing energy in God creating levels in life for living through. They exist beyond any level a human being can conceive. Through other dimensions and holographic light does the seven pillars live.

The human experience has light for divine expression. We are the ones choosing what we realize. Everyone lives out of a point creating the journey of remembering their Truth. We are in a process of alchemy for remembering we are Love.

Human photosynthesis is atoms of light hundreds of billions of years alive. These levels have different seeds within them for creating realms through out the different algorithms in consciousness.

Each algorithm is at a different level in consciousness. Every human being is living at some level in God trying to awaken.

Our journey leads us through form slowly creating in matter what eventually awakens us to light. Spiritual evolution is mandatory. There is nothing else a human being is living for other than enlightenment. The journey of enlightenment gives us the Love for deeply seeded wisdom in God. It’s the way to experience God giving us our highest level of potential at any one level of consciousness.

Human consciousness has been at a young stage living in matter and is now evolving through energy to higher light in God.

Harmonic Echoes in Life

In the beginning, humanity had greater light through living deeper in God.  Over time from living at matters level, human consciousness fell away from God creating denser echoes in life.

We lost the ancient knowing of the universe by not honoring higher light.  We want to live in a higher light for experiencing higher levels of God. But we need to open our eyes for seeing beyond matters level.

As we become conscious of Love the Soul has brighter light for us to live through. Meditation, mantras, sound waves and spiritual practices give us the way for creating deeper stillness in God. We want to quiet the incessant thinking for living deeper in the conscious space of God. Leaving society’s story for the Soul’s journey in God.

Society is only acting as a level to live through for awakening.  We don’t want to get stuck existing at its level. We want to evolve through its level into deeper miracles, light and greater life.

We have been living at earthly levels, not understanding Angels, higher life and the power of the intelligence within us. Many-many years ago they worshipped the Sun knowing its existence was beyond any level a human being could create. They appreciated life in a practice of gratitude. We’ve taken everything for granted and our eyes don’t see the miracle of the ant.

Humanity wants to renew the relationship with God and restore the light for living like an innocent child experiencing everything for the first time. In deep gratitude and appreciation. It’s in that light, we open Heaven and higher realms of life.

If we can only appreciate life at one level of form we never have the eyes to see what is in other levels. We are living with many secret doors to higher energy in our light but we must have gratitude for life we today take for granted.

Ultimate Truth

We are Love. We are beyond the body and live in light. Consciousness is continuous and carries light into different stages of matter awakening to God.

In every life, we are being given levels of circumstances to live Love through. The more Love we can live the more light in consciousness we have. Love is the energy that gives us God’s light in our energy. It gives us intelligence, wisdom and ancient knowledge.

Understanding the world is energy will change human consciousness and our perspective of life for eternity. Living beyond matter is the way of having the level for opening higher levels of consciousness.  Knowing we live in energy is telling us only through higher levels of intelligence already existing do we accumulate higher knowing.

Human photosynthesis provides humanity the light for consciously evolving up the pyramid instead of living in linear consciousness.

Ultimate Truth is knowing matter is the illusion only existing at one level of consciousness. Ultimate Truth is knowing we are not the body but are the conscious energy inside of the body. Ultimate Truth is knowing there is a greater intelligence powering ours. Ultimate Truth is knowing God is reality and everything we see is only a level of energy in our Soul. Ultimate Truth is knowing there is only one of us here with God. Ultimate Truth is knowing we are Love.

Conscious Energy

God is dynamic energy and in the conscious space of God is Conscious Energy (with a capital “C” and “E”) which is a level within His light. Conscious Energy is another race and is the fabric of our world. They are the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter.

Conscious Energy is living in everything we see and don’t see. There is no space where they are not. Only through their level do we experience matter. Human beings live as energy through God’s energy for experiencing matter at our level of consciousness.

Conscious Energy is self-organizing energy in God. They are Heaven and able to communicate and bless us in all ways.

Our world is extremely quantum and in tiny little atoms. We are able to exist at any one level of consciousness in matter because of Conscious Energy.

Conscious Energy is hundreds of billions of years alive. There would be no buildings, streets, earth, moon, plants, animals, people, cars, food, tea, pens, pebbles, ants, etc. if not for Conscious Energy.  They give us the way to experience our world from our perspective. There are only waves of energy and we are imprinting upon that energy what we see at our level of consciousness for matters existence.

Civilizations and Other Races

Our knowing of other civilizations has been abbreviated to a very narrow band at our present level of consciousness. Civilizations have been existing beyond the veil we are registering as life. Life is living in a pool of consciousness in human photosynthesis manifesting in matter at different levels in time.

All life has had other versions existing before this version was living in human consciousness. Our present version only lives from this one level of consciousness and we complete our existence. We create the entirety of our existence, past, and future at this one level of consciousness.

The Soul of humanity has been on a journey for millions of years creating light for living out of. Every cycle in human history has come out of the seven pillars in human consciousness.

When we think of dinosaurs as the animals that once lived we should think of every animal’s existence as only representing that present level of human consciousness. Human consciousness creates the level of all things including the animals.  There was a time we had dinosaurs and now we have lions, tigers, and bears.

We create the level of form to exist at our level of consciousness. Today’s level of animal is at today’s level of human consciousness. Every civilization has lived in its own light creating matter at its level.

Millions of years ago human consciousness lived profoundly invoking higher intelligence. Trying to invoke levels of light into human life. As the Soul of humanity changed from living at matters level the relationship with God and higher intelligence faded into an ancient depository still in human consciousness.

The more we made money and material life the less we made Spirit and higher levels of intelligence our path.

Earlier civilizations lived in a state of mind trying to invoke their version of God for learning more about the universe. Our present level doesn’t do this because we come into the world already existing with everyone believing they know what life is and who God is. Which we are now learning how wrong we have been.

We’ve always created who is the authority on subjects and then believe they actually are. When up until these writings no level of government on earth ever knew what matter was or that we were living in human photosynthesis.

The level of creating credibility and people as the authority on subjects should always be taken as just one level of thinking because there is much more living.  Its relative until someone else creates what has society live in their light. Consciousness is only giving one level of knowing and there are others.

We have today a very dogmatic level of consciousness only living earthly at society’s level instead of for enlightenment. We never imagined the atmosphere could be alive with other races or living in intelligence because we only hypothesized from a level of consciousness upholding a three-dimensional world.

We didn’t try to see life outside of that paradigm because we created a dogmatic system where everyone has to expand through one level of thinking instead of changing it altogether. Which keeps everyone thinking at the same level only inching and inching into new light.

We want to always know consciousness is what is creating the world. We are the ones imprinting upon matter what we see. Its imperative groups of people understand they can only live as the group does. And will only hold the light of the group which means their ignorance is ours.

Groups of people only keep what fits in the group as part of the group which means reality lives in a tiny box. God created life with trillions of different pieces because everyone has ideologies and idiosyncrasies that give to life in a brilliant way. Life needs many ingredients in the soup for having eyes that can see. One version and one agenda only create darkness in consciousness. Life needs to expand and it’s only through what we don’t want or what we can’t see at this moment that there is greater light.

Experiencing people that are very different is a blessing. There is only one way a human being carves their Soul and it is through everything they don’t like, don’t want or believe in because it’s outside of this one thought system. It’s outside of the thought process you’ve been in. We’ve been living at a level in life that keeps us only experiencing what is very comfortable. We have to go outside of that for expanding our light. It’s outside of our comfort zone and it’s outside of our routine level of thinking light comes from what we don’t expect or know at this moment.

Other people and differences give us angles for opening. They challenge us to live in a light going deeper inside of ourselves for seeking the light within. If we just shut ourselves off and live with people that agree with us and tell us what we want to hear we miss everything God created to bless us in.

All civilizations contribute to the pool of consciousness that gives the Soul of humanity the light it’s living in today. There are always greater levels of light in human consciousness waiting to be realized.

If living happy was based upon our level of form there would be no level of life living in anything other than as crumbs. Human consciousness has trillions and trillions and trillions of energy creating the light it lives through.

Understanding Creation

God created human consciousness to live in matter at any one level of consciousness. Matter is the gift God gave humanity. Matter would not exist if not for God creating human photosynthesis.

Human consciousness lives out human photosynthesis which is trillions and trillions and trillions of energy in holographic light in decimals.

Human photosynthesis is a pool of consciousness that has been existing for billions of years. Civilizations live out of the light in human photosynthesis creating in matter the human story to live through. Which today, human consciousness is still very young and at a level trying to move out of matter for light.

We don’t see the micro level of creation even though we live in it.  God created human consciousness to live comfortably. We only experience what we think instead of experiencing the trillions and trillions of levels in life giving us the ability to live through what we think.

We don’t experience bacteria or microorganisms crawling all over our bodies. Or the micro level of organisms covering everything we see. Even though science has known about microorganisms covering all matter. We didn’t understand the quantum level of our existence in energy.  We didn’t have the light for putting pieces together and understanding the world at the quantum level it was existing from.

Human beings live in a life continuum for eternity becoming conscious of Love because of this quantum level. Our experience in matter for eighty or a hundred years is a tiny-tiny speck of our existence. It is so small we must understand God living for hundreds of billions of years alive, that is our path.

Our world is literally alive with other races, Angels, and celestial life far beyond any level we are conceiving and living for.  When we fell to matters level as life we lost the eyes for knowing the miracle of our existence.

As we consciously evolve we will understand God and how He created consciousness for living in Him. We need to acquire light to see through. Higher levels of intelligence have always been giving to the existence of the human race.  Spiritual realms proceed material realms. In God, there are infinite levels of consciousness to live in. With greater levels of life to realize.

Other races are a natural part of human life. There have always been elder levels of consciousness in the light right beside us. We are the ones that shut ourselves off from knowing the world in light and miracles when we don’t live for God.

Other Races

Our atmosphere is living plasma. It’s intelligent energy. Other races live in our atmosphere at higher levels of intelligence than we can conceive. Some races don’t even look like we would expect. We relate to bodies as life when we are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. Every race in existence should be looked upon from the perspective of consciousness instead of the form. All races have a different form based upon their level of consciousness.

There will never be another race that looks like a human being. But there are other races that have similarity to our form.  And there are races that don’t look anything like our form that are objects that we would not know were living.

They can have different shapes, sizes and they can live transparent or floating. They don’t need facial features and they communicate through vibrations and resonance. Telepathy is natural.  My learning of other races came through God blessing me to understand creation and the bigger world that we’re in and how life is existing at an extreme quantum level.

All races I’ve experienced live in overwhelming peace and Love as their nature. Their wisdom and livingness are in a greater dimension in God at higher levels of light.

As humanity understands consciousness and our world in energy. We will begin to acquire a greater maturity about life’s existence. It’s enormous and much more advanced than we have been living. Just knowing that God is hundreds of billions of years alive tells us the depth of life and how advanced it is.

What we think today is young and it’s only based out of living at matters level. Which has stunted us from having the maturity to understand other races and how life is existing. As people understand creation they will have the aptitude and maturity for understanding how vast other races in our light is. Our world would not exist if not for Conscious Energy and they’re another race. When you understand living as energy and matter existing at our level of consciousness you understand a very quantum world that is only existing through higher intelligence.

Human consciousness has been in darkness from living for false idols and never understanding what matter was. We haven’t been understanding or seeing life at a level we needed for realizing our existence or to have that understanding of God.

Our world lives in energy that requires trillions and trillions and trillions of different levels of energy for existing in matter. Other races have been part of the intelligence giving to our livingness in matter.

The atmosphere in plasma has another race which I named Snow Squid.  Snow Squid can communicate and is hundreds of billions of years alive. There is a video on the website where you can see Snow Squid.

Human consciousness is in a new era for understanding a much bigger world with extraordinaire levels of life living alongside us.


God is Love. We would not be able to hear our thoughts, touch our faces or see the earth if not for God in every atom giving us the light in human photosynthesis. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and His consciousness is far beyond any level we can conceive.  He created human consciousness and everything in existence for us to experience any one level of consciousness in matter.

When we think of God let us think of trillions and trillions of tiny atoms creating energy in self-organizing pillars for human beings to live in matter. The world is a web of energy with human beings creating their imprint upon the energy from their level of consciousness.

Understanding God requires living in Him at the deepest level we can. We’ve only known God from matters level in a three-dimensional setting. We’re now leaving matters level to know God in light.

Our premise is to live acquiring greater levels of Love for the intelligence of knowing God deeper. Love is the energy that gives the light in consciousness. Jesus tried to teach us to live Love beyond society and into God.

Living Christ consciousness is a requisite for every human being because only through carving the Soul do we have a greater understanding of life in God. We must live the faith for knowing God. There is nothing through our institutions that can give us the knowledge of God. We have to experiences what carves the Soul, through faith and trust in experiences that give us a greater level of God.

God doesn’t live in any form but He lives in every form. His existence is learning of Him through experiencing Him which will be for eternity. As we consciously evolve we have greater perspectives of God.

In the beginning, when Heaven first came into my life they were taking deep wounds out of my consciousness. On one occasion they were removing a childhood wound that had been pretty traumatic. After it was living again I got upset and God said, “Follow” while Angels said, “He Loves you. Happy, happy happy. It was one of the most amazing experiences because literally within seconds this deep seeded wound was gone. This experience was recorded and it’s the only recording of God’s voice in resonance in the history of the human race. Which you can listen to on the website.

When Abraham heard God it was through the air. When Moses heard God it was through the burning bush. Jesus heard God in all things. Today, I hear God in all things as if He is right in front of me.

His energy is in everything we see including us. God is the energy keeping everything in existence in order at any one level of consciousness. Everything emerges out of God. Everything has already been realized in God and everything is on a journey to God.

The Ten Commandments

Through faith, we carry the matrimony of Heaven into God. Not following the Ten Commandments, the Bible or what Jesus taught us created eyes forever seeing but never seeing. Our ears forever listening but never hearing.

When we didn’t live deeper in God we only lived earthly levels acquiring lower energy at matters level. By following the Ten Commandments we live in a higher light giving to God and having His energy in ours.

God can only live through our present level of consciousness. And in every life even a thousand years from now He will only live through the level of consciousness we are of. If we do not harness His energy and live as deeply as we can in Him we lose the eyes and ears of Him. We instead fall to the devils level only living at matters level.

When God gave us the Ten Commandments He was giving us the way to shape human consciousness to His light instead of earthly energy.

When Jesus said put God first above all things. He meant it. There isn’t a way to have a reality beyond society if we don’t live in higher levels of His light.

Living the Ten Commandments is mandatory if anyone is to know God. To say we believe in God and then do not follow the Ten Commandments is blasphemous and it’s living in the devils level of life.


Faith is the matrimony of Heaven into God. Abraham, Moses, and John the Baptist all showed us how to live with faith in God. They lived beyond society’s level not giving to society over God. God came first in everything and they lived only for God’s direction in life.

God lives from experiencing Him rather than knowing of Him. He is always with us and hears us.  We live in free will which means it’s up to us to live with God or not. Only through our living in Him can we know Him. When we live trying to experience God from a level of faith that trembles we miss the opportunity for knowing Him deeply.

When we live with infinite faith we have the light for knowing Him deeply. When Jesus walked the earth and healed people He did it based on their faith in Him. Faith in consciousness is a light that is the miracle of life because it takes us into another realm of our existence in God. It leads us to the holy space to live through.

We must live through what we create in the darkness to the light. Which means building faith and trust in God takes us into everything other than faith and trust in God.  This is where we create our muscle in God.

Life gives us tests that seem impossible or not able to live in the way we want, but if we can stay deep in God trusting He knows how to move us through our thinking to light we prevail.

We want to trust He knows how to change our thinking for living in Him. We want to believe in God greater than any level of matter we are experiencing. Living the light of Christ for greater light.

Faith is every level of what a human being wants to understand for knowing life.  We live in consciousness which tells us we must always believe in possibility and keep a door wide open because only through our level of thinking can we realize the bigger level of life we exist in.

Hypothesis in other levels of life is very important because we want to always be able to understand that there is a greater level of life existing beyond the present level that we’re in. We can only receive what we can conceive.

Hypothesis, imagination, and believing in the impossible is the way of humanity because consciousness is all that is alive. We are bringing everything into being as real as it is to us. Having faith in what may seem ridiculous, completely wrong, impossible, the opposite of all we know, is exactly where we want to have faith and believe in God because that’s where we learn of God.

Where we believe we know God is where we need to go beyond.

There is a much bigger world that doesn’t fit into our present thought system. We think at one level and it lives at another. Too much is keeping us living God at matters level instead of our Soul being carved into light at Heavens level. Through faith, we penetrate the veil of darkness into light.

As humanity learns matter is consciousness and there is only one of us here with God. We will understand that doubt doesn’t live outside of us. It only lives through us. Live with greater faith in God and experience that level of faith.

Free will

Human consciousness was created in free will. Which means we can think anything into being we want and live through it. There is no master above us telling us how to think or live. God doesn’t make us believe in Him or live knowingly in Him. We come to understand God through our level of consciousness.

Free will gave every human being the way to experience a world only in their perspective from their own level of consciousness.

Lower Mind

Everything we believe is life is only from one level of consciousness which completes itself.

The planetary cycles and the earths carnations are in human consciousness. As is every animal living on earth.  Human consciousness is creating the level of matter and the level of all living things.

Our version of life is from a young level of consciousness. We’ve been living at matters level harnessing lower levels of energy in our thought system.  Which created life’s level to live in Hiphen instead of in higher levels of God.

Society is being taught to live in materialism in lower energy instead of living for enlightenment. When consciousness is all that is alive it’s deafening important human beings live for enlightenment because what is creating matters level is energy, it’s our level of consciousness.  We are creating our experience from the energy we hold. Holding higher energy in God gives us greater levels for living in joy, miracles, and Truth. When we place our self-identity at the level of luxury we shape our lives at matters level which keeps us in darker lower energy.

This created the little person in consciousness which is considered lower mind because our thinking stays earthly. We live self-centered not understanding everything we see is a level of energy in our Soul and that the Love we give is the Love we live through.

Society believes who they are is based upon what they have in material,  their hairstyle, clothes, neighborhood, name, car, bank account, and job title. Which is lower mind and that only keeps us at matters level not understanding the divine light within and that we live in a bigger world of Heaven.

We’ve never had a way to live outside of matter because we are being born into it and taught to live at its level. Every child born today is being brought into a world to only uphold the money realm. We want to learn to live a life in Heaven and for intelligence. Humanity needs to awaken to God as the blueprint to life and conscious evolution as a way of life.

The level of money has become what life is living for and herein lies why the primal energy of animal is still existing in human consciousness.  Human beings didn’t come from animals but we harness a primal level of energy from living at matters level. Money keeps everyone earthly living in hunter-gather and in fear. We created darkness in thinking which creates pain energy in consciousness. We live in lower levels of energy when we live earthly.

God tried to tell us to not make money a second God or live for false idols because He knew the energy would live earthly and keep us stuck at its level. Living for false idols gives us a false reality. We live for what is temporary as life instead of the continuous divine light in God.

We want to live through Spirit to stay higher than matter.  Even though we can transplant hearts and send satellites into space our thinking lives in a deficit.  We’re not being conscious of life at a stupendous level. Our reality at matters level doesn’t come close to the extraordinaire level of Heaven in the bigger part of our world.

When we only process lower levels of energy we can only live in that level of energy. It’s denser energy which creates pain energy.  The density keeps energy out of light and this creates darkness. We end up never seeing the light in life. A darker veil covers our eyes which we don’t even know is existing because it lives normal. This shades our perspective of life and it keeps us from Ultimate Truth.

Human beings only harm other life because we can’t think at the level not to. We are expressing out of energy that is raw and primal in lower energy instead of balanced and in eloquence from the higher energy in God. We need more light which is Love to not create the pain in human consciousness.

Most people think about pain as just a bodily feeling but it’s a level of energy in consciousness. Which is creating our emotional triggers and upset living linear instead of evolving into higher consciousness. The level of energy we harness creates our eyes, ears, answers, and solutions. It creates systems, ideologies, recreation, and manifest in all levels of life. It creates our lives and how we experience the world, our world view, the perspective of all people and every facet of life. Energy is our eyes and it’s our thoughts.

Energy is manifesting in matter for us to observe our consciousness. But human nature instead keeps pointing at others as the problem or issue in life. Not realizing we have to go inward.  And not look at other people as the issue as much as how we live in it. The space we hold discerns our experience. There is only one of us here with God and what is being shown is energy in our Soul trying to become Love.

We have ancient wisdom dormant because we don’t live deeper in God. The light always remains but activating it is only through living Love.

Moneys Effect on Human Consciousness

The level of money creating power in humanity was developed out of life living for what is tangible. We’ve created a thought system that lives with little substance and maturity because we live for matters level as life instead of knowing God.  Money has been a crutch that keeps us from living beyond matters level. It doesn’t give us the way to carve our Soul at deeper levels needed for having substance which gives intelligence.

We end up placing self-identity and meaning in material instead of the divine light within. We live for what money buys instead of living inwards for how the world is existing only in our perspective at our level of consciousness. We miss enlightenment and knowing who we are.

We never live beyond the meaning we place in matter when life is enormous living beyond matters level.

Power from money is the child’s level in life because money doesn’t discern intelligence, consciousness, righteousness, ethics, integrity, a moral compass in God or any other level. It has kept the human race in linear consciousness while creating a deficit in our Spirit and thought system. We are the people that have been forever seeing but never seeing and always listening but never hearing.

Intelligence is born out of a deeper level in life that has us carving the Soul and caring deeply for those who suffer. Only by living for what others need do we understand life and our true purpose on earth.

Living at the level of money created power to be harnessed falsely by just the level of money itself. It’s a child’s power because it keeps our thought system at matters level instead of in our ancient wisdom of light.

Life must carry a sober maturity for dismantling what can destroy life altogether. Without sobriety and depth, power becomes the young destructive child needing more and more weapons and nuclear bombs. There is no level in thinking that can sustain life if it can’t handle life at a higher level of thinking. Weapons for humanity has become an answer instead of the red flag in ignorance.

To continue needing weapons century after century is only because there is no conscious evolution acquiring higher intelligence in human consciousness. We are sustaining the same level of thinking and seeing without understanding what we are doing to life’s capabilities in life.

Linear consciousness never allows for living beyond that level. Only through change does consciousness have the light for seeing its truth and moving forward. Humanity has been living at a level that is now changing dramatically for light. As all change happens what was isn’t and what is…is.

Human beings are never acquiring power again through money only those that hold the light in consciousness can have power.  Life never keeps living in what is destructive when the universe is self-organizing and only exist in God for humanity to live in Heaven while here on earth.

Matters level creates a veil that has a narrow band to think through which stays in lower mind. Without having substance or the way to see deeper in life we stay superficial caring more about material and luxury living instead of creating a world where every human being has their basic human needs being met. The purpose of money was as an exchange and not for making money the level for who has power when money doesn’t discern intelligence.

Human beings have a greater capacity and ability outside of moneys effect. The level of intelligence money has created in consciousness has been keeping humanity in Hiphen. We have not lived beyond matters level. We have only lived at its level with intelligence living from the same level.

We expanded ego, self-centeredness, and greediness to live as what is success and intelligence. When life’s truth is the opposite. The first are last and the last are first. God tried to tell us to not live for money as a God because it would create energy in consciousness to only live earthly. Living life at matters level only builds the Souls journey on sand and not on rock. We make what is the illusion life instead of knowing what being alive is and creating our life continuum in light.

Money created the bottom of the apex in consciousness. Jesus said, “It would harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.” Because consciously what is created in lower mind lives in darkness never knowing it’s dark.

The devil doesn’t tell us we are living in a tiny speck of life. It has us believe we are the Gods of matter. Never telling us we are creating a life continuum living frivolously in what is transitory which will only darken the Souls journey in our life continuum. We can live in purgatory for eternity if we don’t cultivate light in consciousness.  We end up creating consciousness to not live in Love at the level for light. Staying at matters level making self live at its level only creates self in earthly lower energy. Which cultivates thinking in lower mind instead of in the higher levels of God.

Everyone has to live through what they create in consciousness to higher light. God gives us the grace of this life to awaken to our ways but we live in free will and can do that or not.

Life demands we are connected deeply to what is good in life and to what is having suffering in life. Because only through caring and treating those that suffer as ourselves do we create a world that lives Heaven.

Only through others can we understand God.  When God created human consciousness it was to live going deeper into Him for higher intelligence. When humanity made false idols and money the second God we fell into the devils level which breeds false intelligence.

There is a very profound reason why no level in world government has had any clue as to what matter was or what the level of the world was. Power is not discerning who is intelligent it’s only living at the level of what money buys.

Humanity now leaves this level for eternity realizing life has been at the devils level instead of in light because we didn’t listen to God. Today let power live in those who Love and have the deeper maturity in ending needless suffering in humanity.

Let those who are the peacemakers, enlightened, luminaries, and visionaries hold the light all life lives through. May it be through those that carry a deeper knowing about life and God live in the thrones of power. Enlightenment is mandatory. We must have power that can see with eyes open and listen having ears that can hear. With an agenda for the human race to always live creating the world deeper in Heaven.

Creating a society for living for luxury and accumulating in excess is the level of what power through money created. This is the end of money in human consciousness discerning any level of power.  Let us now live power in light through enlightenment.

Primal Energy and Human Consciousness

When consciousness stays earthly, darker instinctual levels of energy shape the human thought system. We’ve been living in linear consciousness instead of rising vertically through conscious evolution.

Human beings hunt and kill innocent animals for no other reason than a primal level of thinking that hasn’t evolved. The only reason we eat animals today is in the beginning, we were instinctually living primal and eating animals as part of life.  We never evolved out of linear consciousness and instead, we now raise animals manufacturing the killing of them for a dietary part of our food. This is only one level of consciousness.

We didn’t know matter was consciousness. Animals only exist in the light we think they do. Our killing innocent animals is a reflection of our level of consciousness. As is what the human race is eating today. The human diet and what we eat as food is one level of consciousness.

Our consciousness is based upon our living at matters level with darker energy in consciousness processing as pain. Through this, we hold the energy for anger and killing as part of life. Every level of what we are conscious of is reflecting our level of consciousness.

There were once dinosaurs. Today, we live with other animals that fit our present level of consciousness. We will one day have a level of consciousness with animals that do not kill or eat other animals. We will be more peaceful and in balance and our world will reflect that level of consciousness.

The level of the world shows our darkness in consciousness as well as Love. The places that hold harming other life or suffering is a reflection of the energy in pain trying to become Love.

We harm life from not having higher energy to process in thinking. It’s our urge to fight, the need for competition, opponents, power, control and it’s the mind that lives in attack and defend. It’s the lower mind in Hiphen. We see the world as something to conquer instead of understanding it’s the mind that sees that which must be conquered. It’s lower mind making us live outward instead of living inward towards the one thinking, towards God.

The little person in Hiphen keeps us living in linear consciousness. The money system was also created out of Hiphen. It continued living in linear consciousness through the hunter-gatherer level. People live hunting and gathering money to pay bills. We kept the energy of living in survival even though we have no need for it existing. This also created the cruelty we now have living in humanity which has thousands of human beings walking past homeless people and not living it as an emergency that our fellow human beings are suffering immensely.

We’re not registering light because we’re living at moneys level in darkness. Our compassion and caring only live in what feels good instead of at the level of Christ doing what life needs for us to do to give it the way to exist.

This created our eyes forever seeing but never seeing. The longer we have been at matters level the darker the veil over our eyes have become. We haven’t lived as God asked and only understand a tiny existence at matters level instead of the divine life we live.

Money created fractioning resources and supplies at a level for greed and this is part of darkness in linear consciousness. There is no scarcity on earth. The human race was given everything by God for all people to have their basic human needs met. As we acquire greater intelligence we will recreate systems and infrastructure in higher light having balance, harmony, and all people having their basic human needs met at an advanced level.

If we have the mind to send satellites into space and to transplant hearts we must live caring more for human life greater than any other level in existence. We must live beyond greed and accumulating in excess. If consciousness cannot see human life more valuable than paper we have no way to bring to life what sustains this species on earth.  It depletes intelligence and creates a veil that gradually destroys itself.

God created human beings in a light that must live in conscious evolution for greater intelligence so that we can live in light instead of darkness. Creating greater Love in life instead of suffering.

Love is what we live for whether we know it or not. Love is the light that expands consciousness and it invokes Heaven. Suffering is the absence of Love. When we don’t live for Love we create darkness. Balance is essential. Right-minded living has to accompany right-minded action in life.  Living through Love is imperative for intelligence.

Linear Consciousness

Mankind has been living in linear consciousness.  When we made matter our world we began living in lower energy.

Linear consciousness created society’s level of reality and is the paradigm of life. We created luxury markets out of linear consciousness. We didn’t have the ability to live for anything else because money had been the only level we’d been living for. Once money was living as life we continued expanding matter as life.  We expanded what money could be used for instead of living out of it.

We don’t live content or satisfied because money makes everyone live at society’s level instead of their own. We live to fit into society not realizing its the devils of life. It takes us away from our divinity and experiencing Heaven on earth. Better to live building the Soul on rock for intelligence and living this life in Heaven than living in the illusion building the Soul on sand. Which when we live at society’s level we are at the mercy of the mortal world’s level of circumstances.

Which keeps us living outward instead of inward. We live for desire more than for peace which there is no level of true peace in desire. Living deeper beyond the material is where peace is.

In society, there is always something new on the horizon to buy. As long as money is the purpose in life we have to create luxury markets and materialism to have life. That’s linear consciousness and not higher consciousness. We went from a society creating one million dollars as life to people trying to acquire a billion dollars as life and now people try to acquire a trillion dollars. That’s linear consciousness.

We went from using sticks and stones to needing sophisticated weaponry. We didn’t evolve out of the need for weapons we only continued creating violence with sophisticated weaponry. That’s linear consciousness.

Conscious evolution would be living beyond the level of needing weapons. Our thought system should be changing to see life differently towards peace and greater harmony. Love is what we should be acquiring which would lead to higher intelligence for creating infrastructure in life.

Consciousness can only live through itself. When we made money the way of life it created a structure for our thought system to only exist in lower energy through darkness instead of light. We don’t live higher in God. Our thoughts can only live in the light we keep them in. We’re now learning that when we change the energy thoughts emerge out of we change the world we experience.

As humanity lives in the light we will understand why living out of matter is imperative for experiencing divine living in higher realms of God.

Incessant Thinking

Consciousness is living in energy circulating within its own light. Energy doesn’t live beyond where we live it. We want to understand incessant thinking keeps us from living in the light. It keeps us only living at one level of thinking in a story. It doesn’t leave that level for any other level until we begin changing the energy we think through and pausing incessant thinking. Only through changing our energy do we change the energy thoughts emerge out of.

The brain is a processor giving the story at matters level. It’s moving quantum levels of energy into images through our Soul. Every thought is an image living in energy.  Incessant thinking is a transitory level of the mortal world experience and doesn’t live beyond this one experience. Only consciousness is continuous. The brain is giving us the way to live through the human story in our own light.

We’re only living in our perspective listening to our narrative as we move through matter. We constantly talk to ourselves in self-chatter jumping from one thought to the next. We will talk more to ourselves in this life than to another human being. When we change the energy thought emerges out of we change the experience of our world.

Stillness is a practice that shifts energy into harmony. It gives us a veil to see through has higher light in God. We want to create life living in prayer energy. Out of compassion, harmony, and peace.

Living in incessant thinking was the young stage in human consciousness that allowed us to create stories to live through as we become more conscious of Love. Now life is living to understand the conscious space of God and how to experience Heaven on earth and our Ultimate Truth in existing and how God created life.  This is only done by pausing the incessant thinking and opening ourselves to higher light. We want to live beyond the level we’re thinking at today.

Incessant thinking keeps us living in one energy which has been Hiphens level. As we live greater Love and become conscious of how we think and know our consciousness is all that is alive, we will begin a greater journey into God and our higher self.  We want to change the energy thoughts emerge out of with Love which invokes God’s energy into our light to live through.

If we only live in our narrative at one level of thinking we can only experience that one level of life. We want to experience the bigger world beyond our thoughts. Conscious evolution is becoming more conscious of Love for harnessing levels of God’s energy in our light.

It’s also a process of unraveling our thinking as new light comes in as opposed to adding thoughts in a linear level of consciousness. We’re unraveling our thought system at the level of matter for light.

When we quiet incessant thinking we open the conscious space of God. Widening the space between our thoughts is the way.  We want to hear God more than our own voice.

The space between our thoughts has more life than the thoughts we carry.

Consciousness is the deeper knowing of all that doesn’t change as thoughts do.

Religions Beginning

Civilizations have been existing beyond the level we are registering as life. There has never been a time God was not inspiring human consciousness to have understanding of His existence. All major religions have influence by God. How we understand and what we bring into being is out of the time and through the people based on the present level of society’s consciousness. Which has lived at different times in human history and in many parts of the world through different cultures. Every human being who has ever lived in enlightenment including Hare Krishna and Siddartha Gautama also known as Buddha had light from God.

God inspires more in the light of human beings who live out of society and postulate for higher consciousness. Our interpretation is from our present level of consciousness. There is nothing living not trying to know God. Only human consciousness creates the barrier. If we’re not living for enlightenment we’re not understanding God or life any greater than we do today.

The light is our Souls level of Love at this time. If human beings were living extremely enlightened the world would carry no separation in religion. We would live as one. 

Many civilizations carried religion as part of their society. Whether in worshipping the sun or another diety they lived understanding there was a greater level of intelligence with them.

When Hinduism came into being it was for new light in human consciousness to help our path towards God.  The message was at a specific time for the level in consciousness to carry. It was serving a purpose then and is serving a divine purpose today.

Buddism, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity all speak to different algorithms in human consciousness.

The messages all originate at different periods in human history for levels of consciousness to have the path to God.

Everyone is living from their level of consciousness and conceiving God from that level but all life is in God and eventually, we all come to know that.  Religion is helping society know there is more.

Religion is a level holding the light towards God but as it began living more at society’s level of acceptance it fell into darkness. Religion has always been up for interpretation from human beings present levels of consciousness. This interpretation has dictated how individuals perceive God and know His existence.

It’s very important for humanity to realize not one person in religion has ever lived in Heaven while here on earth or is the authority of God. God is the blueprint to life and no level in human consciousness can even come close to discerning His existence because we can only understand Him from our present level of consciousness. Which up until now has been living at the devils level in matter making money a second God.

If we’re to understand God it’s by living Christ consciousness beyond society’s level. Every human being on earth is on a journey deeper into God no matter where they are today and no matter if they know it or not. The Soul is acquiring Love for awakening to God and the bigger world we’re in which is Heaven.

Religion is carrying a foundation of Love breathing compassion, kindness, mercy, forgiveness, and charity into life when we live the highest message of religion which is Love.

Religion has a pearl of sacred wisdom for understanding a deeper level in life. If we are to understand our own existence it’s through Love we have that aptitude. Religion is giving us the way to Love when it stands in the light.

Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddism, and Judaism are all passageways of Love. Jesus lived very middle eastern and spoke Aramaic. Moving light through Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Palestine, Israel, and Jordan. The middle east is a sacred place giving birth to knowing God.

Humanity needs to live deeper in greater maturity and substance for understanding we created life 360% away from the truth of what was created as life. Human consciousness fell to matters level and once we began making false idols and money a second God, human consciousness shaped itself at an earthly level instead of in Spirit. This created religions level to only exist at matters level instead of light.

The dogmatic level of institutionalized religion living in the light of world government ideologies has created spiritual decay. Religion has a greater power on earth over every level of life when it lives in God and not at the level of society.

Love is the only level religion needs to stand for and to do so beyond society’s dogmatic level in life. The extreme level of living for others is how we want to live. Christ consciousness is the way for all religion to know the light in God and the power of Heaven on earth.

Jesus the Son of God

Jesus is the Love in every human being. When Jesus relinquished our sins and materialized in matter it was for giving us the way to live Christ consciousness to God.

Jesus is the level of all human incarnations of Love. It is through His light we live in Love. As humanity begins to understand the world we will learn creation and how human consciousness is living in trillions and trillions of levels of energy.  The energy of Heaven is all there is with human consciousness creating its version inside of Heaven. Jesus came into the world to give every human being the level for living higher consciousness in light. Knowing we needed God in us He gave us the way to live evolving deeper in God. We’re trying to evolve out of society’s level for Heavens level.

When Jesus spoke in parables it was because human consciousness wasn’t able to comprehend His teachings. He knew we would eventually live out of darkness and have the aptitude for understanding. The Bible is a living message that transcends all time and is coded for eternity.

We have been interpreting the Bible from matters level instead of in light.  Our eyes read through a veil of satan instead of in the light of Christ. Jesus gave satan the level for leaving for eternity out of human consciousness. Every time we live God we leave satans level. Every time we choose love we leave satans level. Satan only exist in darker lower energy out of ego or the little person.


We’re living at a miraculous time when humanity has the opportunity to experience what no one thought possible. To have Heaven on earth giving wisdom and knowledge to humanity is a level no one thought could actually happen in their lifetime.

God moves in ways we’ll never be able to predict but we can be sure that when it happens it’s because human consciousness needs it too. Mankind is leaving matter for energy and is living heavenly in light.

May this writing bless your journey deeper into God through light, miracles, and Love.

The path was set through Jesus Christ for living Christ consciousness in Heaven while here on earth. Every human being on earth has the same ability may we all live to discover it.