The Architect of Intelligence

The Architect of Intelligence

architect of intelligenceThe architect of intelligence is light having property in Heaven and human consciousness. The intertwining web of energy we’re living through unbuckles different levels of light we can enter. How we see matter is from hundreds of billions of years alive intelligence. Our bodies live in consciousness and our world lives in God’s energy.

No one ever questions why they think what they do or why they see what they do, but when we understand our thoughts are all we experience as life it beckons us to understand consciousness and how God created the world.

Every thought is energy in an algorithm existing through human photosynthesis (not to be confused with plant photosynthesis). There isn’t a human being walking the earth as we see them. There are pictures in light giving us density in matter for experiencing our little person’s level of consciousness.

People think all day long and move through matter not realizing how our thought lives in matter. We experience life from our perspective. The world is only existing in our minds. We incessantly think jumping from one thought to the next non-stop hearing our voice narrating life. Our self-chatter is the only level we will live as life. We never live outside of our thoughts. Every thought is life.

Since the beginning, we didn’t understand because the devil took our light for knowing God. We created society from money living as a second God. Not knowing that energy would shape human consciousness in lower mind in lower earthly energy. We shaped our thought system in darkness.  This is why Jesus said we were the people forever seeing but never seeing and always listening but never hearing. We can’t live conceiving our world outside of matters level when something much grander is right in front of us.

Consciousness must process energy and God told us how to process energy for living in His creation with Him. He told us not to make money a second God because the energy would be darker. When we fell to moneys level, we shaped life in materialism, expanding money as the way of life. We lost the ability for knowing our divine world with Angels, celestial races, and God. We placed meaning and self-identity in matter which created human beings to never leave matters level for knowing their divine light within.

Human consciousness lives in linear consciousness only expanding out of itself instead of ascending. We once lived for a million dollars, then people lived for a billion dollars and now people try to acquire a trillion dollars. We once used sticks and stones, but now we use sophisticated weaponry. Conscious evolution isn’t expanding the use of weapons it’s evolving out of needing weapons. 

The mind of humans hasn’t lived in light since the beginning because we made money a second God.  Society became the reality, and we made God a level of society. Never knowing our world was in Heaven. Even religion didn’t know what creation was or how life existed until these writings. Which signifies how little we evolved in God. We live God from practice and protocol but not from consciously evolving deeper into Him. We need to experience Him dismantling our lives and unravelling our thinking. People wouldn’t live society as reality if they experienced God in conversation.

The world we see is trillions and trillions and trillions of tiny little subatomic particles living as waves in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. We’re imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness.

We come into the world already existing and learn to go along it never questioning life or how it’s existing from only our perspective. Most people never notice they only live in their perspective until it’s pointed out. Thought is hundreds of billions of years alive. It’s energy having the ability to live in matter.

Thought is never what we think it is. There are trillions of different levels of energy creating thought in matter. Our livingness is from our Soul in Heaven and out of the Soul is a light and this light is living through human photosynthesis for giving Spirit the way to live in matter. Spirit is living with a level of what we call self for developing the story we live through in human consciousness. The story is nothing more than that its just a thought. It’s an illusion created for awakening through. It gives us the back drop for experiencing what carves our Soul into higher light. As we live Love we gain more of God’s energy in our light which gives us greater livingness in Heaven.

The light we live through is the level of Love we’ve become. Love determines our level of consciousness. God created human beings to live in His energy having the way to consciously evolve into higher intelligence only through His energy.

When we think of our universe we have to imagine trillions and trillions and trillions of tiny little atoms. And then we want to understand every little atom has to live in individual consciousness. It will live in a different light for every human being who observes it. No atom is alike, and no atom is seen the same by two people. The atom has to live having light for existing ten thousand years from now at a different level of consciousness.

Every atom in existence is in hyper light, which is the conscious space of God existing in measure for human consciousness to assign the atoms purpose and the livingness of the particle. How God created human consciousness as living energy in matter was through His level of energy.

The world doesn’t live outside of us it’s only living through us. When people experience human consciousness there isn’t a level of it living as matter. It’s living as energy with matters level for living through. It lives very real and if we scrape our knee it will bleed but the entire experience is in thought.

There isn’t any level in thinking that is continuous. The world, body and every thought is temporal. We are not our thoughts they are only an expression of the mortal world experience and temporal. What is continuous is consciousness, and that is the Love we become. We’re living through everything other than Love to Love. We exist beyond this one experience. The reason we only know this part of life as our existence is our present level of consciousness hasn’t evolved to understand what being alive is or that society is the illusion we’re passing through to other experiences in matter.

Our world doesn’t live beyond itself with hypothesis greater than our present level of thinking.  Jesus taught us to live God first and deeply in Him for experiencing His world and not ours. There is a reason why we lose our lives to gain our lives and it’s because society’s level shapes a thought system in lower mind while Heavens level shapes it in light. We have to dismantle everything we live as life for knowing life. Our version doesn’t give us Heaven at its level it only gives us our version of Heaven.

We created our paradigm of intelligence and everyone lives within its structure, claiming their place. We never extend consciousness beyond our institutions. College became the teller in who is credible and who is intelligent. When our education system has never lived for enlightenment or for knowing beyond society’s level.

No one on earth knew what matter was, and this includes all world government, scientist, professors and those who live as geniuses. Which tells us consciousness doesn’t know outside of its agreement. Every part of life gets created within human consciousness at its present level. We can’t conceive outside of our level or the agreement of reality. Something has to happen for us to experience what we never imagined possible or had a way to conceive. We have to have a hypothesis in greater light and we have to live with God teaching us how to see and think. Therefore, we want to live knowing life is beyond society’s level and there is more here we’re not seeing. Which the bible also tells us.

Life exists in consciousness, which tells us we have to live like an innocent child with great imaginings instead of as an adult who has become callous and incredulous. What is beyond our thought is another world waiting for us to live with happier light in us.  Our universe only lives at the level it can occur to us and doesn’t live outside that. The architect of intelligence tells us living for consciously evolving happily gives human beings the universe as their playground.

Our not knowing matter led to our three-dimensional theory, and it created a belief system opposite of what life is. We didn’t know energy or consciousness. We instead made matter life not knowing consciousness was at cause and matter was the effect. The theory we needed to know was consciousness in human photosynthesis.

When God created human consciousness, He created Angels and the fabric of our world. We think we are the body, job title, name and hairstyle not knowing the divine light within. Self doesn’t exist its only the transitory level of the mortal world.  What is alive is the Soul and the Soul is consciousness living as Love. We’re not who we think we are. We’re much more profound living of Heaven instead of society’s little person. We’re consciousness leaving self for light.

Our vision of life isn’t telling us our truth because we haven’t unravelled our light for knowing it. The mind can’t tell us beyond the level we live. We’re trying to consciously evolve by becoming Love so we gain God’s energy in our light for living in the world at our level of Truth.

The mind will never give us anything except what we can conceive for living through. Heaven can’t give any human being more than they can conceive. Our weapon in life is Love because it goes beyond human consciousness and beyond living at society’s level. It opens our celestial world and the ancient wisdom that has always been with us.

Life is living with other races, creatures, and light. There are a plethora of other races existing quantumly in intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive.  They are plasma in our atmosphere and live in other dimensions for giving human consciousness the light for existing within. Self-organizing energy is the conscious space of God and its infinite.

We can live successfully at society’s level but never experience light until we consciously evolve out of the little person’s energy. When Jesus said, ” It would be harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.”  He meant it.  It was said because we consciously can’t have two masters. We shape our consciousness right out of Heaven when we make money a second God. Our consciousness at moneys level lives earthly and in lower mind. We want to shape our thought system at Heavens level with God as the only level we’re living for.

Living for enlightenment is the heavenly the way for humanity. Most people will think I’m only referring to advancing spiritually, or increasing bible study. I’m referring to deepening our light in God for living out of the little person into our divine light in higher levels of consciousness in God. Reality can only shape itself from consciousness. God as reality implores the light for experiencing higher levels of our world beyond any level society can live.

Most people live observing and think they know consciousness and what higher consciousness is. Yet they have never experienced their thought process unravelling or dismantled by God for hearing Him profoundly like no other.  Consciously evolving isn’t knowing something, it’s losing something carving the Soul into higher light.  We discard and let go for surrendering into the unknown opened by light. It will never be mainstream and won’t be in society’s little person. Until human consciousness has ascended, no one else in society will be living the knowledge you gain or the realm. But it’s for teaching and giving to all of life.

There are two different versions within our being we can experience and one doesn’t know the other until we have lived in light. It’s after releasing pain energy, consciously evolving and God do we know Heavens profound level in our lives. We don’t know our level of pain energy until we have Love living deeply in our light. When that happens we know the darker version in lower mind isn’t anything except the by-product of society’s level of thunder. The light is the only reason we are living and is the only level having any morsel of Truth because it’s Love. Love is all that is real and everything else is the way to Love. We exist beyond our level of consciousness.

Until we have had that break in consciousness that separates the two levels for us to see, we can’t know another level of life. God is the only one that takes us out of one level into another because He changes the light in human photosynthesis. Reality is relative to how we exist within God and our little person has made society reality without knowing the veil of illusion or what living is or knowing the divine light within us.

We only understand reality by consciously evolving and leaving one level of consciousness for another. There is a distinct separate lower mind and higher light.  There are other levels of living we can experience when we reveal the light it lives through. Every thought lives within a light. We have to live beyond society’s level of Love for opening the other veils.

Never has there been a time in our world we were alone. Even when we thought we were alone and hiding God and His Angels were with us. We are energy and our thoughts have to live through God to live in matter. The fabric of our world is Conscious Energy and they’re the living race of Heaven we live through for having livingness in matter.

As we live for enlightenment we shed lower mind for higher consciousness and shed experiencing God at society’s level for living God as reality in Christ consciousness. There is a light in life only living for us to expand out of for knowing our potential at this level of consciousness. There are levels of energy with us existing only to help us expand consciousness.

As we understand matter is existing in consciousness and how God is existing, we open the glory of His work and the miraculous level of life with us.  Love is the way of the world and is the final architect of intelligence.