What is Consciousness

What is Consciousness

what is consciousnessConsciousness is an algorithm out of God‘s energy. God’s consciousness is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of energy in vibrations, frequencies, and resonance living as the light everything lives out of. Every thought we have create’s the Soul’s journey unraveling its light back to God. 

Consciousness is hundreds of trillions of little subatomic particles in temperature giving human photosynthesis the light for density in matter. Our world is vibrations, frequencies, and resonance. There’s only energy existing. Matter is a nothingness existing only in consciousness. If we saw our world at creations level, there would only be grids of energy going in all directions infinitely. 

God is dynamic energy and is the light all life is in. Meaning He is the light in every atom giving human consciousness the way to live in matter. When God created human beings, He did so through His energy just as He created every living creature and all matter. There is nothing in existence except consciousness creating matters level in light.

Human beings are not the body we’re the conscious energy inside of the body. We’ve always thought of our species as the level of form but we’re a species living as energy always changing form for other levels of matter in consciousness.

Matter is the gift God gave life. He as energy created the way for matter to exist and then went to another level by creating the way for matter to exist in individual consciousness. Which is through human photosynthesis. God is keeping measure for every atom and human consciousness is assigning the atoms’s purpose and the livingness of the particle.

Nothing in human existence lives outside of our thoughts. Our ability to be alive is through Conscious Energy. Conscious Energy is the living species in the conscious space of God and is self-organizing energy in the trillions and trillions and trillions. Every human being is levels of energy in different levels of intelligence, giving the way for a reality to be lived in human consciousness.

God created human consciousness. The word created the world. God began the human story for life to exist in matter. There isn’t anything we see including the sky, earth, stars and moon that did not live as an idea in the mind of God. His intelligence created our existence. We take it for granted and think everything is normal instead of marveling at trillions and trillions of different pieces all having light for human consciousness to live.

God is the light in every atom (Goditron) giving human consciousness the way to live in matter through individual light. Which is remarkable to know atoms exist giving individual light for the observer. They have the temperature for light to be different for any level of consciousness. What is existing a thousand years from now will live with different light from the same atom that exists today. There is rejuvenating atoms in holographic light in decimals.

The world we are experiencing is temporal and the illusion. It’s only existing at one level of consciousness and when we leave it never again exists. Reality is relative to the agreement but not limited to the present level of human consciousness.

Our world lives in Heaven. We’re in God’s energy with human consciousness creating its version of matter within His light. The Soul is what is alive in a human being and the Soul is in Heaven having images to live through. The Soul is Love just like God is Love. Love is the energy in consciousness giving matter it’s existence. The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter.

A human being can live for eternity changing form for new experiences in matter. We will have many different bodies and personas that each live at different levels of consciousness. With the only purpose of carving the Soul deeper into God. While we do we create Heaven in matter. Spirit is a temporal level in matter. It’s giving us the way to create a self story within the human story for living through. The Soul constantly create’s life. After every life Spirit rest in Heaven with loved ones while the Soul continues creating new life. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life.

There is no human being walking the earth as we see. There is only images in our Soul giving us the illusion for living through. If we fall we will scrape our knee but what we are experiencing is consciousness.

People never notice until it’s pointed out that we only live in our perspective, listening to our narrative as life. We never live outside of our thoughts. Every human being will live this life talking more to themselves than to another human being. The people we share life with our levels of energy in our Soul. Only existing for us to live Love through. Our thoughts keep us moving forward. We’re aging effortlessly going from an embryo to a senior and then out of the body. Every experience is giving us the way to live Love.

Everything we see lives in its own light. Every blade of grass, every snow flake and every human being lives in their own light. The pebble is consciousness; the ant is consciousness; the universe is consciousness; the atmosphere is consciousness and so on. Every creature on earth lives in its own light. We’re an idea in the mind of God, and everything we live as life is an idea in our mind.

Consciousness is continuously creating how we live in matter. It keeps us living through images at our level of consciousness. Ultimately, there is only one of us here with God. The observer is the one living with every level of matter in their light. Thinking isn’t living conscious. We believe we are our thoughts, but we are not our thoughts. The energy at matters level is only for living through as we carve our Soul. We’re beyond this one version of life. Just like God is in every atom giving us the way to live in matter ten thousand years from now. His level is beyond this one and existing ten thousand years from now in light. We’re beyond the body giving the body the way for living in matter for this quick experience.

Thinking is part of the brain functioning as a processor. We’re not our thoughts. Thoughts are energy existing at matters level and are temporal and do not live beyond this experience.

Consciousness is deeper than thinking. It’s not transitory like thinking. It’s the light all thought emerges out of. Consciousness doesn’t change like thoughts do. Consciousness goes beyond this one experience and is the Love in the Soul. The brain is facilitating matters level for energy to move through for this one experience. Consciousness comes into us from outside of us. Remember the body is only subatomic particles. There are only vibrations, frequencies, and resonance existing. Thinking is for the little person experience.

Human consciousness as a collective creates the light life lives through from the level of Love we live and don’t live. Love creates the circumstances a human being can experience in life. Individually, we’re creating the light we live through by the level of Love we live and don’t live.

As energy, we’re inside of other levels of energy for experiencing matter at our level of consciousness. We hear every thought because it lives through God’s energy and Conscious Energy. We live through other races for living through matter at our level of consciousness.

People don’t think of God as another race but when we understand creation and His level we understand He is an intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive that exist in every atom for life to live and isn’t close to the little person level of consciousness.

We’re gradually morphing with greater levels of God’s energy as we evolve to higher levels of consciousness. As we become Love, we create matters level more heavenly for living through. Other races are a natural part of our existence. Learning about quantum races will be humanity’s next knowing. Other races don’t need facial features or bodies. They live as energy. Some are part of the fabric of our world giving us the light for living in matter. Because human beings are energy, they can communicate effortlessly. Our body is energy. We’re seeing form, but what is here is only energy.

We exist as the universe. Our consciousness is at the level of everything. We are consciousness leaving self for light. Our living isn’t in this one experience it’s the light giving all experiences.

Being human has nothing to do with matters level except for the fact God created matter for human consciousness to evolve through. Consciousness is creating the universe. It creates the level of every species on earth. The dinosaur was part of consciousness living at the level in human photosynthesis. The lion, tiger, and bear are at our present level of consciousness.

Consciousness is creating all life for the present level of human consciousness. The little person feeds human photosynthesis the light for matter to exist in either darker energy or lighter energy.
Consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect.

When we live Christ consciousness, we increase God’s energy in our light through human photosynthesis. The light in human photosynthesis changes for living Heaven while here on earth. People can physically feel the light in human photosynthesis change, their speech change, and waves of energy move through them. It’s greater energy coming into our light. We literally morph with the higher race for having higher levels of consciousness. This may sound weird but when you understand algorithms, quarks and decimals you realize the level of life and being human is profoundly different than our present level of thinking. The human body isn’t giving us the light for knowing the magnitude of our living as advanced as we are.

When we think about the body in consciousness, we can give homage to the trillions and trillions and trillions of cells communicating in algorithms in holographic light for giving density at matters level.

Human beings are always increasing energy. We’re increasing lower earthly energy by living for wealth, false idols, and materialism or we can live for higher energy in God by living Love. Intelligence only increases with God. We need His energy in our light for processing higher consciousness. Consciousness is always processing energy and we live in free will for choosing what energy we live through. Lower earthly energy keeps us living in lower mind through ego, satan and the little person. We think in terms of matter instead of energy. In Christ we live enormous levels of Love which give higher energy in our light for God’s energy. This gives us the way to see greater light in matter.

Consciousness is continuously carving itself towards God even if we don’t believe in Him our lives live towards Him. No human being has ever lived for knowing Heaven on earth until now. The data given becomes the only living level of a human being existing hearing God and Heaven at a biblical proportion for society to once again learn to live deeper in God.